Park Creative

Sonic Mist – Album Artwork & Video

“Likt videon till första släppet “Fly (to the sky)” är albumet också väldigt vackert. Med relativt klassisk sättning levereras välproducerad gothpop i någon form av The Cure-anda och att det låter bra är det inget tvivel om, som bäst i indiepillande ”Losing The Game”.

That is what the press wrote about the Sonic Mist EP, in English it in short means that “the album has a beautiful sound, gothpop in some kind of The Cure spirit…”.

Partly recorded in Vinegar Hill studio in Brooklyn and partly in Park Studios. Produced by Nathan Larson and mixed by Stefan Boman. Could it sound anything else than beautiful?
The video to Fly to the sky, directed by Jakob Marky.

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