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Park Studios. A Great Studio That’s Now Become Even Greater.

Park Studios in Älvsjö is a newly refurbished and upgraded version of an already great recording studio. We have added quite a few features and things to this fine studio complex. We have built a brand new studio suite in the old lounge room and we have added a new Avid S6 mixing desk and a lot of new, but mostly vintage, outboard to the main control room. And of course a lot of great sounding instruments!

But it isn’t just the studio that’s changed. After most of kent left the building last year, guitarist Sami Sirviö and producer Stefan Boman remained here. Together with creative director and photographer Jörgen Ringstrand they started a new company with a clear vision of how they wanted the business of music and recordings to be orchestrated from now on. They also brought in Peter Ejheden, who in 1994 brought the demo by kent to his new work at BMG, and with him came artist friendly ideas about how to run the record label and publishing.

The Park Studios Company is divided into some closely knit departments. The self-explanatory Park Studios runs recordings and rehearsals in all studio facilities, Park Musik works with music composition for film, video and brands, psykbunkern is the record label and publishing company, which is cooperating with AWAL/Kobalt for both the digital distribution and the publishing administration. Park Live is our live music club where we will host showcases, release parties and selected concerts at various venues, and sometimes upstairs at the neighbouring Park Folkets Hus. Being able to run a professional studio, a music composition company, a record label and a publishing company from one single space will produce great opportunities for both us and the artists and composers that we work with.

The main studio control room has been upgraded with a fully automated Avid S6 mixing console and a range of new exciting state of the art vintage outboard equipment. The live room has been upgraded with new vintage rigs, vintage Slingerland and Ludwig drum kits, a wide range of vintage guitars, basses, synthesisers and an amazing collection of effect pedals. It is a 100 m2 live recording room, with daylight windows facing southwest, a 60s styled lounge with Herman Miller chairs and 2 ISO rooms for guitar, bass or vocals.

We have built a whole new studio in an adjacent room, that we call Saltgruvan. It consists of a
18 m2 studio designed by sound legend Ingemar Olsson and built by Studiobyggarna in early 2017. Designed in a lounge style it is a production/writing room with a comfortable and creative enviroment. API and EMI preamps, Distressors and other outboards. Cranesong. Genelec speakers and a 49 inch 4K TV. And the latest versions of Pro Tools and Logic.

Maskinrummet is a 14 m2 studio, a great production/writing room. The latest versions of Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton and much more. This room can also be used as a video editing suite as it comes with software like Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor and Davinci Resolve.

Furthermore we have gained access to the upstairs Park Folkets Hus, a large recording room with great acoustics. The room is 150 m2 with 6 m ceiling and was originally built to house a cinema. It is already connected to the main control room to facilitate easy and convenient sound recordings. A perfect space for recording small or large string sessions or drums. With a capacity for 150 persons it is perfect for exclusive concerts, release events and release parties. It is also available for full size production rehersals.

Park Folkets Hus is is equipped with digital cinemasystem with 5.1 surround system, and a  catering facility. It is also a great room for shooting stills or videoclips with 6 big windows facing southwest for amazing daylight.

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