Innesi is a creative project by Isabelle Erkendal and Sami Sirviö. After meeting while working on track by Westendgirls, they decided to make this album together. Isabelle provided lyrics and ideas, and Sami music, programming and production.

Isabelle have had earlier careers in both Westendgirls and Peaches.
Isabelle has also worked with Wolfgang Flür on the tracks Axis Of Envy, a project Wolfgang had with Bon Harris(Nitzer Ebb), and a track called Staying In The Shadow by Wolfgang and Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto). Both tracks are available on the Wolfgang Flür album Eloquence: The Complete Works.

First single Time of Silence taken from forthcoming album out this fall.
Lyrics and musical ideas by Isabelle Erkendal.
Music written with Sami Sirviö and Andreas Brun.
Produced by Sami Sirviö.